what we offer

what we offer you

our people

  • Our 200+ experienced professionals
  • Our passion, enthusiasm and dedication
  • Our extensive professional networks
  • Our labor market expertise
  • Our continuous development

 our values & methodolgy

  • Our values: entrepreneurship, positivism, integrity, orientation towards the other, working together
  • Our structured, integrated, modular, hands-on proven methodologies
  • Our high-tech supporting materials
  • Our personalized and professional approach

our quality & diversity

  • Our 15+ years experience in career coaching
  • Our Q*For quality with 95% client satisfaction, Certo accredited
  • Our 4 HR Excellence Awards in the past few years
  • Our extensive network of consultants with diverse backgrounds
  • Our diverse portfolio of clients in both the public and the private sector

our flexibility & reachability

  • Our 10 modern, fully equipped “hot-desking” offices
  • Our 25+ nearby satellite offices
  • Our next door Randstad and Tempo-Team office network
  • Our capacity to handle large-scale projects through rapid upscaling via an extensive network of certified (career) coaches

our networks & knowledge

  • Our extensive personal networks
  • Our extensive networks with recruitment agencies, executive-search offices and other labor market intermediaries
  • Our Randstad and Tempo-Team labor market networks
  • Our RiseSmart (former Galilei) alumni network with over 50.000 individuals accompanied
  • Our networks across national and international borders

our technology & innovation

  • Our RiseSmart multi-award-winning high-tech talent mobility platform
  • Our full IP integrated IT and telecom infrastructure in all offices
  • Our extensive information and reference search system
  • Our state-of-the-art development and networking support such as e-learning, webinars, e-coaching, virtual meetings, …

our project management

  • Our SPOC-based project-management approach
  • Our integrated IT-based administrative excellence
  • Our proactive compliance with fast-evolving legal and administrative guidelines on outplacement and career coaching
  • Our dedicated project managers and teams