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coaching and an action plan giving your career a new direction

Are you in the right place and on the right track in your current job? Do you feel good about yourself? Or not? Are you hesitating between different career choices? Do you want to start your own business?

RiseSmart knows all about it! Loopbaanfocus (Career Focus) is a career guidance programme consisting of a series of individual sessions lasting a total of four or eight hours. Career coaching gives you a clearer view of where you are and what your potential is. Afterwards, with a personal development plan (PDP) in your pocket, you will be ready to strike out in a new direction.

Because Loopbaanfocus (Career Focus) is an A to Z programme, RiseSmart can really make a difference.

Structure and customisation

Under the supervision of an experienced career coach, you gain a clear view of your work situation. The basic structure of the programme is set out in a workbook, but otherwise the process is completely tailored to your requirements, including personal homework. In this way you discover exactly who you are and what your capabilities are.

To put what you have found out into practice, we draw up a concrete personal development plan together: a guide to taking your career into your own hands.

RiseSmart strong points

RiseSmart is based on extensive experience of outplacement and coaching. As part of the large Randstad network, we are uniquely at home on the employment market in areas such as training, job applications, functions and jobs.

Thanks to wide geographical coverage, not only are we located right in your local area, but we also know the way to and from the local job market.

RiseSmart ultimate plus point is our experienced certified coaches, who do their job with passion, enthusiasm and commitment. They provide professional customised services for everyone, at every level.

Something for you?

With Loopbaanfocus (Career Focus) from RiseSmart, both workers (blue- and white-collar) and self-employed people are given a unique opportunity to reshape their career.

And when we say ‘given’, we mean it literally, because for workers in Flanders and Brussels, Loopbaanfocus (Career Focus) is subsidised via the VDAB’s Career Cheque scheme.

Get in touch

Are you interested? Or do you know someone we can help with career guidance?

Complete the registration form and you will receive a phone call from us.

You can phone RiseSmart direct and free of charge on 0800 93 482, or email us at loopbaanfocus@risesmart-randstad.be

You can also visit a Randstad branch in your area.


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