career guidance

what career coaching can do for you

take a close look at your talents and ambitions

 Under the guidance of an experienced professional career coach, you examine who you are, what you are capable of and what you want. A series of sessions (4 to 8 hours) outlines clear, realistic objectives for your career. We then draw up an action plan and support you in reaching your goal.  


is a career coach really something for me?

You bet it is. And the Flemish Government thinks so, too. Which is why they have launched the Career Voucher. These vouchers enable you to buy 4 to 8 hours of professional coaching and career advice for just 40 or 80 euro. It’s a one-off investment that will keep on giving you benefits throughout your career.


become the architect of your own career

Our career guidance will help to you see clearly where you stand, what you have inside you and the direction you can go in.  With your personal development plan safely in place, you’ll be ready to take a new direction.