coaching programm

get the best out of yourself through coaching

  1. The intake interview: tell us who you are and what you want

    Your coaching begins with an intake interview at which we discuss your expectations and objectives. This talk will bring up points requiring development, which we can use to start working on the practicalities.

  2. The coaching process: become who you are

    As part of a series of coaching sessions, you learn to remove the obstacles that are making your personal development difficult. We take your strengths further and you learn how to put a strategy for success in place to help you achieve your career aims. Step by step you acquire the insights you need and gain skills that help take you forward.

    Every coaching process is customised to suit you and you progress at your own pace. We end every session with a practical, realistic action plan. By so doing, you put the desired changes into practice and embark on a cycle of continuous improvement.

  3. For life: keep hold of the dynamic

    Your coach will ask you relevant questions, holding up a mirror to the way you are approaching your business, confronting you, etc. The whole aim is to expand your insights and help you to uncover new possibilities. He or she will encourage and support you in pushing back your boundaries. And together we will go looking for the goal you are aiming for. Self-leadership and personal growth become attitudes that you carry with you for the rest of your life.

the right coach for you

your personal coach

That ‘click’ you have with your coach helps determine your success. That’s why we look carefully through our team to find the right coach for you. Your personal coach is your sounding board in all areas.  Someone you can trust, who enables you to reflect calmly and with total freedom about the topics and issues that matter for you. A mentor who purposefully makes you aware of your skills and capabilities – and who challenges you to develop new abilities.


tangible results

A good coaching project delivers tangible results within a clearly delineated period of time. These results take the form of new behaviour and long-term improvements over time. We usually schedule a series of sessions spread over 6 to 12 months, although we will, of course, gear the period and frequency of the sessions to suit your wishes.


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