finding a new job

finding a new job

the intake interview: tell us who you are and what you want

As soon as possible after being made redundant, you will have a conversation with a RiseSmart consultant. Was losing your job unexpected, for instance, or could you see it coming? Do you want to make an immediate start on examining your future or would you rather take the time first to learn from the past? Your coach is an objective and empathetic sounding board. Someone you can trust who will help you to deal with your new situation and get the best out of yourself. We will also discuss your qualifications and work experience, plus your wishes and expectations.

This conversation is the starting point for your future guidance with us. It will also ensure that we focus our energy in optimum fashion on achieving the right outcome for you.

career coaching: take control of your future

We will work with you to outline your future and plot the path for making it come true, step by step. Your coach acts as your sparring partner. He or she is a mentor who will make you aware of possibilities you hadn’t even thought of before, while encouraging you and supporting you to push back your boundaries.

Depending on the arrangements with your employer, and your budget, you can attend an individual or group programme. Each programme consists of individual coaching sessions, group sessions, a personal account at our career campaign portal and the opportunity to use our offices as a base to work from.

With an individual guidance, you will be able to rely on a personal coach who will advise you, support you and guide you in finding a new challenge that fits your personality, expectations and aspirations. And to enable you to stand more firmly on your own two feet, you can choose from a wide range of training courses, workshops and seminars.

If you participate in a group guidance programme, you will work in a group and take part in working sessions under the leadership of an experienced coach. During these sessions, you will discover how to make the right career choices and how you can increase your chances of finding a new job. 

everything you need to apply for jobs successfully: in pole position on the jobs market

You can count on a whole range of information sources and the latest tools that will help you to apply for jobs successfully, either from home or based at our offices.

    • There’s a welcome waiting for you at every RiseSmart office. It makes the ideal base in your search for a job. PC, telephone, reading material, help in writing a job application letter, creating a good CV, sending e-mails, making phone calls, accessing information, etc. Whatever you need, you can rely on our support and infrastructure.
    • Our ‘Hubble’ career portal can be accessed 24/7 via Logging in opens the door to an online library with all of the information you need about the job market.
    • Profiles@RiseSmart lets you approach the hidden employment market. We send your details anonymously to companies and headhunters looking for talent.
    • Jobs@RiseSmart is our jobs database, filled with vacancies.
    • RiseSmart Discovery gives you access to interesting e-learning modules that increase your chances on the jobs’ market.
    • Feel welcome in the network of former RiseSmart jobseekers and become a member of our RiseSmart Group on LinkedIn.

back at work: 100 days’ on-the-job monitoring

Found a new job? That’s fantastic news and we’ll celebrate it appropriately! But that doesn’t mean RiseSmart simply cuts you loose. Your     consultant will help prepare you for your new job and monitor your first 100 days with your new employer. So you can start afresh         with the right toolkit and peace of mind.