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how do I choose the right outplacement partner?

Looking for an outplacement partner that really suits your needs?

Five questions to help you make the right choice:

  1. what services does an outplacement agency offer?

    One agency may focus on helping people find more senior jobs, while another specialises in more group guidance. As the market leader in outplacement, RiseSmart covers the entire employment jobs market – plus we have experience in assisting applicants of every skillset.

  2. can I reach my outplacement partner easily?

    The ease of access and handy location of your outplacement partner also play a role. Are sessions held somewhere close to your home or do you have to travel a long distance to get there?  If you have any questions, is it easy to contact the consultant? Does your outplacement partner provide a virtual platform for on-line meetings, webinars, e-learning, access to information resources and jobs ?

  3. will I find the right coach?

    Is your outplacement partner prepared to deploy the coach who’s ‘right’ for you? There needs to be chemistry between you and your coach on every level. An outplacement agency with a large number of qualified and experienced career coaches can ensure a good matching between you and the most suitable coach.

  4. Does your outplacement partner offer value for money?

    Price is also one of your criteria – but don’t forget to consider quality as well.


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