why outplacement & when

why outplacement and when?

Outplacement is a good way to get your career back on track after being made redundant. The RiseSmart outplacement package features a number of hours of coaching, as well as practical support provided by experienced coaches. And the process is either paid for by your employer or funded by your outplacement budget.

individual or group outplacement 

Depending on your age and the number of years you have worked for your former company, your employer is required to make you an offer of outplacement. You then choose an outplacement agency and, depending on your outplacement budget, you embark on an individual or group programme, spread over a number of months.

  • Am I obliged to accept my employer’s offer of outplacement?
  • What are my rights?
  • Can my employer deduct the costs of the outplacement programme from my redundancy payout?
  • etc.

The legislation on outplacement has changed significantly since the introduction of unified employment status in 2014.


outplacement at RiseSmart

At RiseSmart, we gear our programme to your personal situation. Our outplacement package includes career coaching, training courses and workshops, as well as help with applying for jobs


career coaching: This part of the process focuses on your strengths and job opportunities, as well as making the right choices. And you’ll build the skills you need to take control of your own career.
training courses and workshops:

What is a good CV? How do I write a job application letter that stands out from the crowd? What is the best way to prepare for a job interview? How do I highlight my strengths? How do I negotiate a contract? How do I apply for a job via social media? How do I conduct a network conversation? etc. Our training courses are all designed to increase your chances on the jobs market.


help in applying: You can count on our practical support, as well as a whole array of information sources and the latest tools for applying successfully for jobs, either from your home or based at our offices.

Well worth knowing: during your outplacement, you’ll share in our consultants’ network of contacts. You’ll also get the chance to meet interesting people and expand your network as a result. 

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