our projects

our projects

Special support based on the jobseeker’s needs in an aim towards lasting integration. This course involves one or more actions:
  • clarification of career plan
  • development of their professional image 
  • support with the process (job search tools and techniques). 
Target group: jobseeker residing in the 19 Brussels municipalities

Audience NEET stands for Not in Employment, Education or Training and refers to young people aged between 18 (or 17 years and no longer required to be in education) and 30 years. These young people have very little or no contact with institutions such as Actiris, VDAB, Bruxelles Formation (Brussels Training) or the world of employment in general. They feel there is a gap between their needs and these institutions’ services.
This project must enable young people to make contact with the institutions and restore their trust in these institutions, so that these young people can continue to focus on training or employment opportunities.

The project consists in:
  • Outreach and local work: finding and identifying young people who have 'dropped out',
  • Rallying and motivating young people,
  • Finding a suitable job or training course together with the young person;
  • Monitoring the young person during and after their training or starting work. 

Tailored support for jobseekers over 50: helping them find a suitable job, adapted to the current labour market; making them resilient in dealing with prejudices.
Target group: jobseekers residing in Brussels aged 50 and over.

The aim of this project is to encourage young talent from a disadvantaged social or migrant background towards higher education and assist them in this move.
Within the framework of this project, we give young people aged 17 to 18 years career advisory workshops.

Bruxelles Formation
Training to achieve the right attitude to find work:
  • coaching throughout the entire process
  • development of attitudes (sense of civic responsibility, attitude in the workplace, etc.) that are essential in the professional world 
  • help in actively finding an internship/job 
Target group: jobseekers aged below 30 years.
AP9 (Forem calls for projects)
Salaried job, Career advice, Initiating a career, leading jobseekers to someone with a job.
As a Forem partner, we offer training for jobseekers with few qualifications to those who are highly qualified who need to plan or change their career, reintegrate in the job market, be re-motivated, gain more self-confidence, have the right tools in terms of CV and cover letter, develop social networks, etc.
Our different actions are aimed at all audiences and we ensure that we promote diversity.

Migrants project
Support project carried out in collaboration with non-profit associations aimed at a migrant audience of all levels of qualification. The non-profit association gives French as a foreign language lessons and RiseSmart Employability organises workshops on job-hunting themes such as the personality report, skills report, Belgian legislation, skills for contacting employers, etc., taking care to adapt each module to the applicant. The aim of this support course is professional integration for applicants and to draw up a personalised report defining a realistic professional goal.

High profiles project
Course lasting 6 months for the Federation Wallonia-Brussels Open University (located in Charleroi).
This project brings together many socio-professional integration partners from the private and public sector, including RiseSmart Employability. Each partner contributes to this support course as an expert on the different integration-related themes. This ‘High profiles’ project subsidised by Forem and ESF is aimed at those who have been seeking a job for less than 1 year and who have a work permit and bachelor’s degree minimum from their country of origin. A sufficient level of French is also a selection criterion. Groups consist of 10-15 applicants with very varied profiles: PhD in science, Masters in HRM, Masters in economic science, etc.

RiseSmart Employability supports these people in setting a realistic job target and implementing an action plan, taking into account any equivalent qualifications, access to the profession, obstacles encountered and the job market in Belgium. We also work on themes such as appropriate attitudes, reviewing tools for contacting employers (CV and cover letter), social networks and the job market.

Collaboration with different PCSWs 
  • ‘Key to temping’ 
  • 'My job in one click’ workshops
  • ‘Active job hunting’ modules
RiseSmart Employability has developed new workshops to strengthen the skills of CPAS beneficiaries in an aim to reposition them on the job market.
The 'Key to temping' workshop enables them to get into the world of work more easily through temping.

This module provides more insight into the key principles of temping.
The 'My job in one click' workshop enables them to get into the world of work more easily through new technologies. The purpose of this module is to help jobseekers develop their search via social networks, as well as to caution them against improper use.

There are 9 'Active job hunting' workshops which address themes such as the personality report, the skills report, motivation, the job market, communication, employment interviews, the CV and cover letter.

The aim of this project is to encourage young talent from a disadvantaged social or immigrant background towards higher education and assist them in this move.
Within the framework of this project, we give young people aged 17 to 18 years career advisory workshops.
TIBB (Tender individual counselling and mediation)
We guide jobseekers towards a feasible, long-lasting job within the TIBB project. We do this through both individual and collective coaching, with a focus on application training and job hunting.
We offer a personalised program of between 6 and 9 months. On average, 75% of the jobseekers who come to us for TIBB support have a long-lasting job after 9 months!
Locations: East Flanders, De Kempen, Limburg

TAL (Tender Activation of Long-term jobseekers)
Together with the jobseeker, we determine the best course of action: a suitable job immediately or first a training programme or internship? We will draw up an action plan together. The road we travel together varies from one month to a maximum of 6 months.
Locations: East Flanders, Antwerp City, Flemish Brabant

Orientation (ORI)
For six weeks, we (re)orient a very diverse group of jobseekers towards a feasible, realistic, and supported job target.
We do this mainly in a group, with one individual coaching interview in between the sessions. The extensive final report with a personal action plan forms a crucial guideline for both VDAB coaches and for the jobseekers themselves in their further guidance.
Locations: West Flanders, Flemish Brabant

C/CE driving licence with professional competence (IBO Transport) in cooperation with Randstad Transport
This is a collaborative project between VDAB, Randstad Transport, VAB, and RiseSmart Employability. Randstad Transport is responsible for bringing in candidates, promoting IBO among potential employers, and matching the candidates to the job openings. Once the jobseeker has obtained the theoretical driving licence, he/she can start the individual vocational workplace training (IBO) track with the employer.

The IBO track is linked to a driving education course for obtaining the C/CE driving licence with professional competence. RiseSmart Employability takes care of the IBO start-up and provides intensive coaching and follow-up, both for the candidate and the employer.
Locations: West Flanders, Antwerp, and Limburg

WIJ stands for Werkinleving voor Jongeren. In this project, we are strengthening vulnerable young people between the ages of 18 and 26 on their way to the labour market. During the orientation phase, we look for qualities, talents, and skills among the young people in an accessible and interactive way. Together with them, we take a look at the current labour market and how they can respond to it. They are introduced to a first work experience through a form of workplace-based learning (such as IBO, internships, etc.). In addition to group sessions and individual coaching, sports also plays a central role during the programme. Every Tuesday, we play sports, together with the coach and as many young people as possible. Thanks to the sports encounters, young people can acquire additional working attitudes that help them to start long-lasting employment.
Location: Northern West Flanders

Vacatureclub 55+
Vacatureclub 55+ is a tailor-made programme for older jobseekers, where we strengthen them in a group for 12 weeks in their search for work. The participants are offered a weekly workshop in which they focus on one central theme. The last hour of each workshop is reserved to actively search for job openings and apply immediately. 30% of all participants can return to work after 12 weeks.
Location: East Flanders

We assist foreign-speaking newcomers in their search for work at various locations in Flanders. We do this within the framework of various projects, including:

HOA@Work stands for Hoger Opgeleide Anderstaligen (highly-qualified non-Dutch speakers): we guide non-Dutch speakers to a high-level job using workshops, mentoring, and job hunting.
Location: Limburg

In the @level2work project, we guide highly-qualified newcomers in their search for work, with the initial focus on finding a high-level internship. The internship experience opens the necessary doors to a regular job.
Location: East and West Flanders

Youth Refugees
This ESF project is a collaboration between different partners in which unskilled young refugees are intensively supported to work. RiseSmart Employability provides intensive job hunting tailored to the young person. When a young person can start working, RiseSmart offers job coaching, which also provides tailored support for the workplace (direct supervisor and sponsor).
Location: Antwerp

The international refugee project 'Work4Integration' is a collaboration between Belgium, Italy, and Sweden. In Belgium, RiseSmart Employability coaches about 80 jobseekers from third countries for a period of two years towards a long-lasting job, whereby VDAB is responsible for referring the candidates to RiseSmart.
The focus in Belgium is on the orientation of the jobseeker with customised job or internship-hunting and, once they have been hired for a job or an internship, extensive job coaching in the workplace, for both the employee and the employer.
It is also the intention to inform, raise awareness, and motivate as many companies and employers as possible to recruit more widely.
Location: Gent, Sint-Niklaas and Aalst