your personal coach

working with your personal coach

Your coach at RiseSmart knows the jobs sector through and through. Together you will draw up a plan designed to make your career ambitions come true. 


A clear look at what you are capable of and what you want

We begin by talking to you about your background and expectations regarding work. Based on this conversation, you will then find the answers to important questions such as: Who am I? What do I want? What am I capable of?

Together we’ll go looking for your strengths and the sorts of things that energise you. Then we’ll define how and where you can put your talents to good effect on the employment market.


Learn how to apply for jobs

We’ll draw up a plan to help you find work. We’ll explore a variety of different pathways and examine what you need to do to apply for jobs successfully. You can also attend various workshops that will teach you job application and career skills.


Finding work

You and your coach will investigate the appropriate channels in looking for a job that suits you. We will select appropriate vacancies for you, approach various networks and contact companies. We will also draw up a strong CV for you and prepare you for job interviews. 


Getting to work

Found a job? Well done – go for it! Your coach will prepare you for your new position and give you ‘on-the-job’ guidance during your first few weeks with your new employer. And if you have questions or would like advice in the meantime, your coach is standing by to help you.


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