assessment & development

selecting, assessing and developing talent

Recruiting the right employees is an art. But it is also just the beginning. In the end, it comes down to retaining the people you hire, as well as encouraging them to give the best of themselves.

Which means that having a good insight into what your staff know and can do – plus what they really have to offer – is also very important. And not just when they start off in a new job, but throughout their career.

RiseSmart makes a great partner for companies when it comes to finding talent and tying it down. Many organisations turn to our know-how for assessing skills and for uncovering and nurturing people’s potential for development. And we do this through assessment & development centres.

Our solutions in assessing and developing talent

Our assessment centres help you take informed decisions in recruiting new staff, internal promotions or transfers and in identifying ‘high potentials’ in your organisation.

Our development centres provide a definitive answer to potential assessments, career guidance and developing skills.

The tools that we use are scientifically proven and our consultants have a great deal of experience in assessing skills for recruitment, selection and developing talent.

We will implement the appropriate solution, depending on your enquiry: from full assessment and development procedures, to simply testing your shortlisted candidates or conducting online assessments.

our approach