assessment centres

assessment centres: a clear look at human capital

An assessment centre tells you whether a candidate is capable of working effectively in a particular position. It also examines what skills a person has.

It gives you an objective and clear insight into the candidate’s skills, attitudes and reasons for applying so that you can take an informed decision based on relevant parameters geared to your business needs and the required skills profile.

Scientifically proven

Our assessments are carried out professionally by consultants who have a great deal of experience in evaluating skills at various levels. Assessments involve the use of scientifically proven and professional tools, respected test providers and a wide range of role-play exercises geared to suit your sector and the job itself.

You can use our assessment centres to test existing employees or candidates applying for jobs.

Added value for your company and the candidate

Assessments at RiseSmart are of value both for your company and for the candidate:

Your company:
An assessment enables you to take carefully considered decisions for recruiting a new employee or for someone who is being transferred or promoted internally. This applies to all jobs and all levels within the organisation. We assist you in an efficient, but always careful way to find the person who precisely fits with what your organisation needs. The assessment centre also enables you to give the candidate the right guidance from the beginning, as well as support his or her development in a targeted manner.

The employee:
The clever thing about an assessment is that it holds up a mirror to candidates or existing employees. They discover how they operate and become aware of the impact their conduct has on other people. The assessment also gives them a clear picture of their strengths and areas that require improvement.

An assessment centre at RiseSmart also gives participants an insight into their growth capabilities. Targeted and practical feedback enables our consultant to gain a handle on how the person should undertake his or her own development.

Wide range of assessment solutions:

RiseSmart offers a wide range of assessment procedures, customised to your requirements:

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  • assessment centre 
  • potential evaluation 
  • career appraisal 
  • online assessment