development centers

development centres: optimum use of talent

Performing well is a question of motivation and having the right skills. Our development centres will tell you exactly what your employees know and are capable of, what motivates them and what their development potential is.

A development centre highlights a person’s skills and which areas still need to be developed to carry out a (future) job successfully. For each skills area, you will receive a clear, objective opinion about how those skills can be improved and what additional training courses and educational options are required.

Scientifically proven

Our development centres are carried out professionally by consultants who have a great deal of experience in evaluating skills at various levels. They involve the use of scientifically proven and professional tools, respected test providers and a wide range of role-play exercises geared to suit your sector and the job itself.

Development centres help employees to develop their skills in their current position, as well as when job rotation, promotions and career guidance are involved.

Added value for your company and the candidate

Development centres at RiseSmart are of value both for your company and for the candidate:

Your company:
A development centre identifies and assesses the potential of employees across all types of job and at every level in the organisation. Development centres support you in developing your organisation’s policy on careers, taking carefully considered decisions in career guidance, and drawing up tailored development plans.

The employee:
A development centre holds up a mirror to candidates or existing employees. Participants gain a clear picture of their strengths and areas that require improvement. Targeted and practical feedback enables our consultant to gain a handle on how the person should undertake his or her own development.

Wide range of development solutions:

RiseSmart offers you a wide range of development solutions, customised to your requirements:

  • development centres 
  • talent booster 
  • career guidance