our approach

our approach

Our assessment and development centres combine:

  • role-play 
  • skills tests 
  • personality and rationale questionnaires 
  • structured interviews focused on skills and experience 

So, as you can see, we deploy various tools that enable us to gather objective information from different points of view about a (future) employee’s knowledge, skills and motives.

The assessment and development process

  1. We determine the key skills that a candidate must possess. 
  2. We develop a customised assessment programme. 
  3. The candidate takes part in an assessment day. 
  4. We write a report with recommendations in terms of employment and/or development. 
  5. We plan a feedback session with the candidate, as well as with you. 
  6. We make employment and/or development recommendations. 
  7. We convert (for development centres) our advice and opinions into a practical action plan.

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