why use an assessment or development centre?

why use an assessment or development center?

People with the right skills make a major contribution to the success of your company. And naturally an organisation wants to gain an insight into the capabilities of (future) employees. Assessment and development centres are an important tool in making an accurate evaluation of your human capital and how best to develop it.

Employees who are already in place also want to continue finding fulfilment in their work. You also want them to evolve with your company, so that they can move within their job or take on a new role. And to do so, they need to develop the right skills to lift your organisation to a higher level.

Our consultants help support your business by finding the right people for you. They also identify ‘high potentials’ in your organisation and encourage personal development, regardless of the sector you work in.

By doing so, you can count on impartial advice. Advice that takes account of the culture of your organisation and the required skills profile.

Correctly assessing and developing the skills of employees and teams delivers a wide range of benefits to your company:

  • unequivocal advice about the match between the candidate and your organisation
  • a strong foundation for taking the correct selection decision
  • advice about integrating the employee smoothly on the workfloor
  • objective assessment of the person’s onward growth potential
  • relevant and practical recommendations about development possibilities
  • your line managers and HR can use the insights gained to work with the talent of employees and to manage their aspirations and satisfaction needs better over time.
  • a better return from training courses designed to meet the specific needs of the employee


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