the added value of coaching

the added value of coaching

Your employee takes control

As a result of the conversations your employees have with their coach, they achieve self-knowledge and arrive at long-term solutions for the challenges facing them. Our coaches never offer ready-made solutions, but instead guide your people in outlining their own path for reaching the desired result.

Your people grow – and so does your company

The personal development of your employees is always in relation to the objectives of your organisation. We prompt your staff to invest in themselves. This growth is in line with their personal ambitions and expectations – plus it supports your company’s objectives.

Individual, hence highly efficient

Coaching as an instrument for personal growth and development is effective because it focuses 100% on the situation, options and sticking points of the coachee. Managers find our coach to be a neutral sounding board, a co-pilot and a mentor. Someone who dares ask the hard questions, challenging the employee to push back boundaries.

The right coach for everyone

Whether coaching is successful or not depends on finding the right ‘click’ between coach and coachee. Openness, genuineness and trust are a must here. RiseSmart has a very diverse team of qualified coaches, each with a strong business background and experience in guiding people. They work according to clear guidelines in terms of the required results and the methods used.

coaching process