a few clients tell us their story

a few clients tell their story

reorganisation with reduction in number of managers and coaching of managers during first 100 days 

public organisation

reorganisation with reduction in number of managers and coaching of managers during first 100 days

  • go from 82 to 30 managers 
  • career orientation workshops with the original managers
  • talent reviews with the management committee 
  • facilitation of the first 100 days in leadership through peer coaching
  • coaching on ‘providing remote leadership’ 
  • team coaching ‘building the future’

“Downsizing from 82 to 30 managers. We knew that we were up against a tough task. Thanks to RiseSmart professional approach it turned out to be a really positive experience for all those involved. In-depth individual interviews were used to map out the personal motives and ambitions of the 82 original managers. From there it emerged that a lot of them didn’t actually want to have a leadership role, but would rather be more involved in the actual job. In the end we found the 30 managers that we needed and were able to get the remaining 52 employees involved in a new challenge within our organisation. We are extremely happy about that. Because when you are happy with your employees you don’t want to loose them.” - Managing Director

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