how we support your staff in outplacement

our outplacement solution: support in a number of areas at the same time

The programme ranges from psychological support in coming to terms with being dismissed to practical assistance in applying for jobs. We use self-analysis to help the candidate clearly define his job target and we guide him or her in outlining and implementing an appropriate strategy for approaching the jobs market. Candidates are trained in various job application techniques including networking tools. If they want to become self-employed we help them to write a good business plan.

We support your employee in a number of areas at the same time:


  • Customised, intensive individual or group guidance and support provided by an experienced career coach. 

Seminars, workshops and Workteam

  • We run a recurring monthly calendar of workshops and seminars on topics of interest. The aim is to inform and inspire candidates, getting them to practise new skills and become involved in networking. 
  • Participants develop their own network by taking part in networking sessions in which they exchange experiences and tips on applying for jobs. 

Practical support in applying for jobs 

  • Access to Hubble, RiseSmart career portal with information about the jobs market in Belgium and abroad; e-learning modules via Discovery about communication, networking, negotiation, time management etc. 
  • Library with newspapers and magazines in every office. 
  • The RiseSmart job network: contacts with companies and market intermediaries, the LinkedIn group with RiseSmart alumni. 

Administrative & logistical support in applying for jobs 

On-the-job monitoring

  • When they find a new job, we continue to keep an eye on candidates for the first 100 days with their new employer. 

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