the preventing burn-out test©

identifying and tackling work stress... before it becomes unworkable

RiseSmart is offering businesses a prevention method aimed at employees who are overworked and at risk of burn-out. Specially trained RiseSmart consultants introduce a scientifically developed procedure within corporations: the Preventing Burn-out Test ©. The test has been developed in collaboration with the UCL and  makes staff who are at risk aware of their situation and helps them ultimately avoid a definitive burn-out.

How do you prevent burn-out?
The existence and role of mediators within the company is broadcasted internally. People with persistent work stress (or their managers) can report this to these  intermediaries, who at their turn contactRiseSmart . A RiseSmart consultant identifies together with the stressed employee  the individual factors which can be a source of stress or of well-being at work or at home. The aim is to use emotional intelligence to increase the sense of wellbeing and thus reduce stress factors. This test can also involve third parties such as line managers, the HR department and partners.

Advantages for employee and employer

  • Employees become conscious of their situation. They regain awareness of their own competencies, their self-respect and a sense of efficiency.

  • Companies avoid long sick leaves and high staff  turnover, and reduce the impact of knock-on effects of an individual burn-out case possibly  affecting the rest of the workforce.

Think it might work in your company?
Contact one of the RiseSmart offices throughout the country that offer the burn-out prevention test.