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RiseSmart: smarter outplacement

It’s time to demand more from your outplacement vendor. With a perfect blend of leading edge technology and world class services, RiseSmart Spotlight offers a results-oriented, cost-effective approach to helping your employees find new jobs faster while protecting your brand.

We help employees

Stay organized

Keep track of jobs, contacts, and companies all in one place. Access the job search platform on the go using our full-feature mobile app with our full feature mobile application. Communicate with their Transition Coach without leaving the platform.


Save time

Search all major job boards with one click.
Find the most relevant jobs utilizing the participant’s entire profile and preferences, not just a keyword.
Sort through the clutter and see the best job matches instantly using intelligent ranking.


Get in the door 

Discover key contacts in target organizations and get in touch.

Draft messages, cover letters, personal value propositions, and resumes with intuitive builders and templates that resonate with recruiters and hiring managers.

...and ultimately FIND THEIR DREAM JOB.

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