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Working from beginning to beginning

Redundancy. Retirement. Project wrap-up. Chances are you think of these events as an end. An exit of sorts. But what happens when we start to think of them as a beginning? What changes when we view our career path as a series of beginnings? Rather than coming to an end, we go from beginning to beginning?

There is no doubt that the labour market has changed. The dynamics of the workforce are undergoing a monumental shift. Employment through fixed term contracts, gig work, freelancing and consulting means that transition has become an increasingly natural part of today’s work environment.  It’s not just people experiencing redundancy or transitioning to retirement who need transition support. Organisations need to embrace transition as a new way to succeed. A new way to begin.

RiseSmart is in the business of beginnings. We don’t source jobs, we create careers. We make new beginnings possible and faster with our innovative technology platforms.  We tailor our services and connect people to provide a personalised experience. We have holistic conversations because it’s not just about a job, it’s about the future. When we frame our career in the context of ‘beginning’ we quickly become open to a whole new world of opportunity.



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